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What Exactly is a Sticky Ad?

Sticky ads, or anchor ads, are ads that stay visibly afloat as a user scrolls through the content of a web page. The ad has a fixed position and sticks to the viewport for the duration of the user session, meaning that they remain visible to the user regardless of the browsing scroll depth. 

Sticky ads are available on both desktop and mobile devices. 


Sticky Ad Code For All Ad Network

<script type='text/javascript'>$;(document).ready(function() {$;('img#closed').click(function(){$;('#bl_banner').hide(90);});});</script><div id='fixedban' style='width:100%;margin:auto;text-align:center;float:none;overflow:hidden;display:scroll;position:fixed;bottom:0;z-index:999;-webkit-transform:translateZ(0);'><div><a id='close-fixedban' onclick='document.getElementById("fixedban").style.display = "none";' style='cursor:pointer;'><img alt='close' src='' title='close button' style='vertical-align:middle;'/></a></div><div style='text-align:center;display:block;max-width:728px;height:auto;overflow:hidden;margin:auto'>Paste Your Ad Code Here</div></div>


Types of Sticky Ads

There are two main types of sticky ads, the vertical and the horizontal sticky ad. These are the two sticky ad types made available by Google Ad Manager.

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